School Days Are Here!

This has been a busy month for the kids at school!

During our anniversary week of the school (not sure why this takes a week to celebrate, but the kids sure don’t mind) is a week full of various activities. There was a dinner, games, dressing up, clowning around and special things that happened during school.

Five of the girls will be graduating from Basico in October. Please pray for the wisdom and funding to deal with this.  In Guatemala, this is kind of like graduating from high school.  One specific prayer would be for us to be able to know how to deal with them once they are out of school;  two will be 20 years old. We need earnest prayers for wisdom in dealing with them. Two others will be 18, and one will be 16.

Look at these kids in these pictures!

I can’t think of any way we could be blessed more. Every one of these kids are special to us, and we pray that we are going right by all of them.

You Make All The Difference In The World

Rayo De Esperanza is a true ministry of God’s people working together to make lasting changes in lives that would otherwise have no hope. The monthly gifts we receive keep us afloat by providing the necessary food, clothing, daily items and other operational costs at the ranch. We understand the economy is affecting a lot of folks. We are cutting corners as much as possible, but our general fund is at a point where we must humbly ask you to consider supporting the work. Please pray about a monthly donation amount that works for you. Your consistent and ongoing support is vital to the success of the ranch, and most importantly, the future of our kids. Donations can be made 24/7 through our easy, online access. Click on our “Donate Online” Button to learn more.

We are in constant amazement of God’s goodness to Rayo De Esperanza. We thank Him daily for our prayer partners and supporters. Please continue to pray with us and for us. We would also be honored to discuss the possibilities should God lead any of you to join us.

For those of you seeking to meet specific, project needs, you can read about those here.

Thank you for your generous consideration.

May 2014 Project Needs

$200 Wi-Fi Printer for kid’s computer room

$400 Materials to build a computer room, desk entertainment center

$800 – $1000 Vehicle (Van) tires and brakes + a few other minor repairs

$20,000 – Ongoing construction of new house. Progress has been good, but not complete

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Our Recent Guest Ponders His Trip To The Ranch

In March 2014, we had a great team of 12 arrive at the ranch ready to help with some labor intensive projects. Here are a few parting thoughts from one of them!

Things To Ponder After This Year’s Mission Trip To Guatemala!

1. At home, I don’t have to worry about putting my toothbrush in the water before and after I brush my teeth!
2. I’m able to take a shower with my mouth open and swallow the water!
3. How often do I help a friend or family member haul concrete 210 feet down a steep hill and up another in 110 degrees and 200% humidity and not stopping until the mixer runs out of gas (or Bill shuts it off) with a smile on my face?
4. I have a minimum of one light switch in each room. Some were blessed to have one switch in their whole house!
5. When I’m hot, I just turn the A\C. Some do just fine without it and don’t have to pay the high electric bill.
6. When I give gifts, I spend money and make purchases. Here, some do it with a hand made card, bottle of orange soda, a cake, etc.
7. I didn’t have to walk 20 miles or take a packed chicken-bus while folks here might have spent their weekly wages to ride and all with a smile on their face!

8. I travel 9 miles to work everyday and maybe see one truck and 20-plus deer. Here, you might see 100 scooters, cars, trucks, and toot toots in 9 feet! (How many minutes of our the day is spent rushing here and there!)
9. Some open their house to young people that need a home, food, love, kindness, respect and having God as their foundation!
10. Before leaving, I only kept enough money to get the car out of the parking lot at the airport so I could leave small amounts with some less fortunate people in Antigua and the majority with the ministry @ Rayo De Esperanza! I didn’t have to do this. I got to!
11. At night I don’t have to lay a towel down at the bottom of the door to keep bugs, ants, lizards, snakes and scorpions from sleeping in my boots!
12. From the time I awoke until the time I went to bed, every minute, every thought I’d give our Lord all the Glory and Praise!
13. To do hard physical work with a man when we don’t speak the same verbal language! With the pointing of a hand, a nod of the head, a big smile, a hand shake and keeping ahead of the next step, I got one big “BUENO!”
14. Traveling with a man that hasn’t ever flown before or been in a foreign country and see God touch and bless him so deeply. Nobody or thing can ever take that from him!
15. Riding in the bed of a Ford extended cab diesel pickup with a former racecar driver at the wheel. Needing to pass a car with no speed limits or passing lanes or waiting for the right time; you just hang on and don’t worry as you blow by the car.
16. Don’t trust what Dennis tells you is on the menu!
17. This year’s team was the 12 mixed nuts! God had a purpose and plan for each one on the team!
18. In our U.S. restrooms, you don’t have to put the TP in the trashcan.
19. One hot day, we were about out of drinking water. Some young Guatemalan boys noticed that, so they gathered our empty water bottles and started refilling them from the barrel of dirty water we used for the concrete. Then they took them back to our ice chest to keep them cool for us. No, we didn’t drink them because we would get the worm but thanked them anyway! They were drinking that barrel of water all day, and it didn’t bother them!
20. We stopped many times to get a case of water or Gatorade. One day, I bought 5 Gatorades and a can of Orange Crush. I asked Mike what the average person makes per hour or day. My mouth dropped. The price of the 5 Gatorades and can of pop were more than some people make in a week!
21. We see most 4-year olds having remote-control trucks, racecars and cell phones while they sit in front of a TV all day and throw a fit if they didn’t get what they wanted at Wally World! But one little 4-year old boy, Angel, was beside himself to get a bottle of bubbles to blow.
22. Over the past two years, I’ve experienced many things in Guatemala. I now understand what some of my family and friends have experienced while serving our country in other lands!
23. I’m going to take all my hunting tree stands down and replace with hammocks!

“Be careful to obey all these regulations I am giving you, so that it may always go well with you and your children after you, because you will be doing what is good and right in the eyes of the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 12:28

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