Wheelchair Distribution from Bethel Ministries

We had a great day yesterday!

Bethel Ministries had their annual wheelchair distribution here at the ranch. A lot of people got new chairs and some even got old chairs replaced. Today they also start construction on two houses in the area for women that have kids but no husband.

This is a great ministry and they are good friends as well.

Thank you so much Bethel!

Bethel Wheelchairs 3Bethel Wheelchairs 5 Bethel Wheelchairs 4 Bethel Wheelchairs 2 Bethel Wheelchairs 1

Rebekah & Melissa Visit!

Rebekah & Melissa helped Karen with medical visits in a few different villages for wheelchair assessments as well as blood pressure.  They were also able to visit the nearby Cooperativa Elementary school to share health & hand washing education.  Each child received a goodie bag with soap, hand washing posters AND a well received tract about Jesus – in the Public school!  Praise The Lord!

Near the end of their time with us, they treated the entire family with a short but Awesome trip to 2 Rivers. We enjoyed a canoe ride in a gorgeous canyon and the amazing Finca Paraiso, the world renowned hot springs and water fall.  It was so nice to share a little relaxation with friends and family!

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Springs Fellowship July 2016

A wonderful group from Springs Fellowship in Texas arrived July 11th.  What a blessing they were to us!  They were planning to do VBS but it had to be cancelled at the last minute.  This was a disappointment but everything worked out according to God’s plan! The group was able to help with several painting projects as well as repairing a section of the church’s roof.  They also started painting the house and side of the church until we ran out of paint.  I went to get more paint and as usual, it was not available.  This happens a lot here with supplies!  We waited all week but the store never got it in time.  The group made soap with the kids, gave us all haircuts and had some excellent time of fellowship.  Some went on a few house calls with Karen to get solicitudes for wheelchairs.  We all even had time for some relaxing in the hammocks. It is so wonderful to have groups that can accept it when things don’t go according to the plans we have.  They were such a huge blessing to all of us, we praise God for them for being part our Lord’s ministry here in Rio Dulce!

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Community Chapel Hendersonville July 2016

Community Chapel Hendersonville from North Carolina arrived July 19th.  They wanted to cook here at the ranch and we were extremely blessed by such wonderful meals all week!  When we arrived everyone went right to work cooking breakfast and looking over the work we had for them.  The plan for the week was to build a small roof section on the front of the church, repair the bed of a trailer and host VBS.  I began to wonder if some of the work may have been a dream, they were working so hard preparing.  They were awesome!  The VBS was very organized and well thought out, everything went very well and smooth.  We were able to have 3 days of VBS and even have the kids all over Sunday after church.  The roof and trailer were done too!  There was lots work going on this week but we also had plenty of time for fellowship, bible studies and worship.  What a great experience!

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