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We, Rayo de Esperanza (Rancho Esperanza), are off to a wonderful start this year. As we continue to move forward with school and teaching the Word to these beautiful kids, we now have  4 that graduated Basico and are enrolled in the next two years of classes (what we call “high school”). Karen and I made a trip to the states in November-December of 2014. What a great trip. We were blessed to no end while there and really enjoyed seeing as many people as we were able. Of course, we can’t be up there long enough to see everyone but are going to try and make at least 2 trips a year so we can spread things out and see more of our supporters.

The following note was written by one of our girls, Angelica, hope you enjoy it. In the future, we are going to have a different child write something so that you can get a different perspective of what goes on around here.

My Rancho Esperanza (Hope Ranch)
by Angelic Gutierrez Cua

Rancho Esperanza is a big and beautiful place where we can learn to do many things.  We can learn to cook, do arts and crafts, bake cakes and cookies and a lot more things.  There is plenty of space to keep the horses, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, and sheep that we have.  And we get to have activities like riding horses, playing soccer, playing with and caring for the animals.

When we are on vacation, we go out and get to know other places like the ruins at Tikal and Quirigua, the hot waterfalls, the cave in Buena Vista, museums, and zoos.  Sometimes we get to go to Guatemala City to visit friends, go to the cinema, and things like that.

Rancho Esperanza is a blessing for every person that is here in this place.  And for me, it is a wonderful place and Mike and Karen have a special place in my heart for looking for the help to make it possible for us to have a good education.  This ministry is thanks to God and every person who helps in any way.  Every one of those persons is very special for us.

The ministry here allows us to help others in the community by working with other ministries to give wheelchairs to persons who need them but cannot buy them.  They can move around with more freedom, thank God.  Teams come from churches in the United States and give tooth brushes and toothpaste, dental care, teach Bible school to us and children in our area, and make Christian activities in our schools.  Missionary groups also do construction here and in the community to help make things better.  They let us help them, and we love to do it.

Thanks to God this project is working very well because God provides everything necessary for His place.  We are very grateful for all the people God uses to make Rancho Esperanza work well.  We love it when our friends pray for us and we always pray for them too.  We continue to thank the Lord for putting them in our lives and our hearts.

The most important of all in Rancho Esperanza is that they always teach us the Word of God and of His great love for each one of us.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we have Bible study to learn from Him and how to put in practice what Jesus teaches.  On Sunday we have church together and Sunday school for the children.  I get to help teach the children the Word of God.

Here at the ranch the workers, by the grace of God, also know the things of God.  They maintain this ranch very beautifully because this place is like the garden that God created in the beginning of everything.  I would like to express much gratitude to all the persons who help this project to be permanently firm in the way of the Lord God and for all the material gifts that are given for us to be well every moment.  Thank you for everything and I hope that God pours out His many blessings on your lives and the lives of your families.

School Days Are Here!

This has been a busy month for the kids at school!

During our anniversary week of the school (not sure why this takes a week to celebrate, but the kids sure don’t mind) is a week full of various activities. There was a dinner, games, dressing up, clowning around and special things that happened during school.

Five of the girls will be graduating from Basico in October. Please pray for the wisdom and funding to deal with this.  In Guatemala, this is kind of like graduating from high school.  One specific prayer would be for us to be able to know how to deal with them once they are out of school;  two will be 20 years old. We need earnest prayers for wisdom in dealing with them. Two others will be 18, and one will be 16.

Look at these kids in these pictures!

I can’t think of any way we could be blessed more. Every one of these kids are special to us, and we pray that we are going right by all of them.

You Make All The Difference In The World

Rayo De Esperanza is a true ministry of God’s people working together to make lasting changes in lives that would otherwise have no hope. The monthly gifts we receive keep us afloat by providing the necessary food, clothing, daily items and other operational costs at the ranch. We understand the economy is affecting a lot of folks. We are cutting corners as much as possible, but our general fund is at a point where we must humbly ask you to consider supporting the work. Please pray about a monthly donation amount that works for you. Your consistent and ongoing support is vital to the success of the ranch, and most importantly, the future of our kids. Donations can be made 24/7 through our easy, online access. Click on our “Donate Online” Button to learn more.

We are in constant amazement of God’s goodness to Rayo De Esperanza. We thank Him daily for our prayer partners and supporters. Please continue to pray with us and for us. We would also be honored to discuss the possibilities should God lead any of you to join us.

For those of you seeking to meet specific, project needs, you can read about those here.

Thank you for your generous consideration.

May 2014 Project Needs

$200 Wi-Fi Printer for kid’s computer room

$400 Materials to build a computer room, desk entertainment center

$800 – $1000 Vehicle (Van) tires and brakes + a few other minor repairs

$20,000 – Ongoing construction of new house. Progress has been good, but not complete

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

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