Christmas 2015

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January 2015 Needs

Below is a list of a few upcoming financial needs. 

We thank you so much for any contribution!

2015 Taxes $1000
Fees for Bookkeeping and Lawyer  $2000
Tires for the back of truck  $300

Our First Pastor’s Conference & More

Next month is exciting as we are holding our first Pastors conference here at the Ranch. We are looking forward to to a week of good teaching and fellowship. Please pray with us that this will be the first of many to come; we are thinking maybe once a year. We have two teachers coming from Calvary Chapel in Sarasota this year. 

April is now past. Normally April is the hottest month of the year. This year it had not been too bad up until a couple of days ago. A lot of rain kept us cool in the beginning, but now that the month is coming to an end, the heat has come on really strong, it is back to taking your breath away. But at least now that the rain has gone, we are now able to continue work on the house which is a good thing. 

We now have 4 girls in high school, 2 in 8th grade, 1 in 4th and 1 in 3rd. Everyone seems to be liking school and doing very well. We thank you all for your support as without it we could not do what we do here. Seems the higher the grade the more funds needed, so thank you again.

Lucia’s Testimony

This is a very big place that has so much space for recreation, has green areas, is full of trees and flowers of many colors.  There is fresh air, many animals, a place where one can have a good life. It is a place we find well. Also we can say that with the help given to every one of the children that we can gain something better for our own lives.

The principal (most important) person is GOD, who permitted us to be here, in this place we have a church close to the house that we can attend. For myself, this place has helped me a lot in my life.  The persons who direct this establishment have much love for everyone, and are good examples as parents, for me.  They help us with what we need every day, like with our daily studies.  I feel like I am in a family where all of us are equal, like in any family that exists in the world.  We all serve GOD with gratitude, for what He has done in this place.  In this place we can play together, and with our neighbors we have close.  Everyone has chores and obligations in the house that we have to do.

Karen and Michael William, they educate us the best they can, they teach us new things every day, they tell us how to behave, they help us when we have our own problems,  they are good parents in this house. In this place all goes very well thanks first to GOD, and all the ones who help.  And for the future this place can grow more, and help more persons that are in need. Everyone who formed this place, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lucia Gutiérrez Cua

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