A Few Needs To Move Forward

School Computer and Printer
We have been blessed with 2 computers for the kids, we now need a printer, and one more computer and they should be all set for awhile. This multi-purpose room also serves as the arts and craft room. It is air conditioned, and the kids spend a great deal of time on educational projects here as well. Estimated need to fulfill: $2,000

Kid’s Cement Swimming Pool
The little swimming pool is also a hit but will not last much longer, it is rubber and can not hold up to all of them playing in it. For now it has been a life saver, it has been extremely hot and dry for the last month or so. It is our desire to build a cement pool that would last for a long time. Estimated need to fulfill: $1,000

Vehicle Repairs
The rainy season is coming. As it is now I have to pull the van up the driveway 2 out of 3 times. When the rains do come, it will no longer be possible to get up the driveway. Because of this, we are in real need of help repairing the van. Estimated need to fulfill: $3,000

We also need tires for the truck. We got 30,000 miles from this set, however, now, they are like slicks. We were able to replace the rear tires on the van but will need fronts soon also. Estimated need to fulfill: $1,000

Additional Living Quarters
We have been praying about the direction and timing of the next house. It is started but we have not done any construction for a long time. Estimated need to fulfill: $20,000

And…. A humble request for your continued support
Monthly gifts are what keeps us afloat with food, clothing, and daily items. Any amount helps, but the general fund has dwindled a bit with the economy. If it fits in your budget, we would greatly appreciate your monthly support. Hopefully it would also serve as an opportunity for you to check our website to see what’s new here at the ranch. Would you prayerfully consider $25/$50/$100/month?

We would ask that you pray about how you may be led to join in God’s work down here. We appreciate all of your prayers and support; without you this project would not be.

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