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New Refrigerator

Thank You!!! We would like to thank Orphan Resources International for there very generous donation towards a new refrigerator for Rancho Esperanza, and Eden Valley Church for committing to and donating to the purchase as well.  We were also blessed to be able to replace our burnt up microwave.

Our First Pastor’s Conference & More

Next month is exciting as we are holding our first Pastors conference here at the Ranch. We are looking forward to to a week of good teaching and fellowship. Please pray with us that this will be the first of many to come; we are thinking maybe once a year. We have two teachers coming […]

Lucia’s Testimony

This is a very big place that has so much space for recreation, has green areas, is full of trees and flowers of many colors.  There is fresh air, many animals, a place where one can have a good life. It is a place we find well. Also we can say that with the help […]

One of Our Own

We, Rayo de Esperanza (Rancho Esperanza), are off to a wonderful start this year. As we continue to move forward with school and teaching the Word to these beautiful kids, we now have  4 that graduated Basico and are enrolled in the next two years of classes (what we call “high school”). Karen and I made […]