It’s All About The Kids!

Below is from a letter written to us from one of our recent guests at the ranch:

I was welcomed with open arms and joyful faces. Right when I walked out of the car, I was embraced by a child I have never seen before. I was overwhelmed with love! A love that has no boundaries. A love that is driven by Christ and not by the world. When I felt this abiding love, my heart was seized by a family; a family with no pre-assumed judgments or possible grudges, but a family that accepted me because I am a child of God.

I had felt at home in a culture that only looks to oneself for satisfaction and comfort. This home, however, has been knit together by the love of Christ. It was started with children who were burdened with the terrors of the world, but now they have a new life. The two people that have accepted their mission from Christ (Mike and Karen) are making it possible for these children to accept, and also, to give love. I have not only been embraced by the children, but also by Mike and Karen. They have shown me perfect humility and patience in times where both almost seemed unattainable. It is incredible how Christ works. He provides love for us so we can then give that same love to others.

Thanks Mike and Karen for opening up your lives to me and sharing God’s love with me! I’ve enjoyed my stay and cannot wait to be in contact with your lives again!

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