Mother’s Day 2016

This is a picture of the most beautiful woman I know!  She is not only beautiful on the outside but I think she is more beautiful on the inside. This lady is my wife Karen, my best friend and the perfect mom for the children God has put us here to take care of.


We have a son in the states that turns 43 this month, because of her he has turned out awesome!


On Mothers Day in the states, which of course was Sunday, all the kids made sure to tell her happy Mothers Day. However, Tuesday the 10th was Mothers day here in Guatemala. Karen awoke to happy greetings and was left to sleep in. She had some things to do like make a skirt for Esperanza and a tie for Pedro. She said no worries it will be fast and it was! For lunch Maria fixed her a very nice shrimp, french fries and salad. Later that afternoon she had a function at Pedro and Esperanza’s school.


Without her there is no way I could do anything here. She keeps me grounded and able to continue every day with the work our Father as giving us to do here.


May 15th is our 40th Anniversary , I am praying for a way to take her away for a couple of days up to the highlands, please pray with me.


I love her more than words can express!


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