Summer Mission Teams


Summer 2017

Mission Team Letters

Mike and Karen,

I can’t even begin to express how much your ministry has blessed my life. Within a week of getting to be at the ranch, I was able to experience the joy that you have brought to the children’s lives in the orphanage, and the community. You love others so well and are selfless, and that is reflected in your children as well. You have raised some of the most kind-hearted, loving, caring, and most joyful children I have ever met! It has been an honor getting to know each child, and their immensely loving hearts, and distinctive personalities that only God can bring together, that demonstrates His love. One of the verses that kept coming to mind, while thinking of you guys and this ministry is Philippians 2:13, “For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out his good purpose.” Listening to your life story really is a live testimony of how God works all things for our good. Even when things don’t make sense, God uses those uncomfortable moments, to show His glory and power through our weakest times, especially in ministry. That is what God has done through you, because you have allowed Him to lead your lives. During the time that my team and I were leading VBS with the kids, I felt called to be out of my comfort zone. Before the trip, I asked God for boldness, and the willingness to be used in how He wanted to. He did just that! God has been teaching me to become comfortable in being uncomfortable, because when I step out in obedience, there is growth in Him. I am beyond blessed that God made a way for me to be a part of this team, and minister to Rayo de Esperanza. I pray that this will not be the last time I get to be a part of this ministry. Like Karen said, “This is not goodbye, it’s see you later!”

CC of Hendersonville & Greenville

Mike & Karen,

The Ranch is indescribable to the point where it was hard to find words to even write this letter. It’s never easy leaving because it is leaving your family behind. The way these kids are raised with a “Mom” and “Dad” that care so much about them is exactly what they need. You arrive on The Ranch and are welcomed by 8 children who were once orphans and went through some of the worst possible events and now they have been “adopted” by there new mom and dad. The kids aren’t kicked out at 18 like every other orphanage and they are put into schools that they are interested, for example, electric for Pedro and nursing for Lucia. The amount of love that is shared parent to child and vice versa is overflowing. Seeing the children grow every year is amazing because they are growing into amazing human beings. The Ranch is changing lives and is effecting more then just there children, it is effecting the whole community. Never ever want to leave, but like Karen says. If you don’t leave then you can never come back.


Jaedon Williamson

Community Chapel North Carolina

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